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Have a Budget Valentine’s Day & Enjoy Without Pain!

No Need to Break the Bank to Have a Lovely Time

The rules of Valentine’s Day, which of course are not rules at all but conventions which are buttressed by the commercial providers who are out to make a quick buck out of all the pressure that loved ones all the world will be applying to their other halves. The fact is that there is no compulsion to buy an expensive commercial greeting card, to purchase overpriced flowers or to participate in a high budget Valentine’s Day special.

HeartsLet’s have a look at some budget conscious ideas that will help all loving couples to have a truly memorable Valentine’s Day experience, one that will last the year through and longer and won’t leave a nasty taste when you next access your bank accounts on line.

Let’s go out
Why not think of the places you once used to visit but haven’t been for years? If you are feeling strong and hearty, plan an active day out. You will have such a laugh you’ll be keen to do it again and again.  Go ice skating and try hard not to fall over. Perhaps take a bike ride maybe to the romantic spot where you proposed. How long is it since you last went bowling – an evening at the alley combined with a fun, if not over-healthy, meal of burgers and fries will certainly be a night to remember?

Or let’s stay in
Given the right preparation, a little research and loads of enthusiasm, staying at home can be enormous fun. Make dinner together at home – use your favorite recipes from way back when and rekindle the memories. Have the tunes playing in the background from when you first met, all those teenage records you had almost forgotten.  Then when dinner is over, get your favorite movie on Netflix and wind up with a bubble bath or give yourselves a massage.

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