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How car title loans in glendale work?

Get up to $20,000 without a credit check

Normally when you need to get hold of money in a hurry, it’s always awkward, depressing and one big hassle, especially if your credit score is bad. Our car title loans in Glendale offer cash loans to all applicants, even those with a bad credit score. What we do is to use the unexpired equity of that car to provide all the security and collateral that we may need to advance the loan.

What it all means

The way that the system works is that when we advance you money with your car as security, we take over the temporary ownership and hold the title of your car. Technically we become what is known as a lien-holder but once the money has been repaid, your full ownership is restored entirely. As you keep on driving the car during this period, no one ever needs to know that you have borrowed money in this way.

Up to $20,000 in cash

Funds are available from $2600 to $20,000. Then you either call us at (818) 793-0707 or use the application form on this website. Either way you’ll soon be talking to a member of our loans team.

We welcome all applications whatever their employment status is. So no need to sit around – make that call today!

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