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Don’t Get Bewitched at Halloween This Year

Some Smart Ideas for Financing Your Fun and Frolics

Happy HalloweenThe witching hour (or day) will soon be upon us but that doesn’t mean you have to dash out to the neighborhood mall and burn up your credit card buying costumes that won’t fit your kid’s next year and decorations that will be hung up once and then either stashed away so they are almost unusable in the future or end up in the trash can come November 1st.

Puns are Fun
This is a really easy and cheap costume to make. All you need is a white t-shirt on which you print in large letters the words “GO CEILING”. People ask what it means and you answer very simply “I’m a ceiling fan”.  Another easy one is to wear a shirt/blouse or t-shirt of a neutral color and stick written post-it notes all over – answer: you are a “Bulletin Board” – if you keep yawning you could pun it and say you are “Bulletin Bored”!!!

Pumpkin Pi(e)
Halloween PumpkinThis is another dreadful pun. Cut the stem of a pumpkin and attach it to a headband and then write or print the Greek letter “pi” on it. Tape the letter to an orange shirt and you’re away.

Gumball Machine
For this you have to dress in just one color and stick on multi-colored pom-poms. Add a 25 cent sign and you have a really sweet costume.

Movie Theater Floor
What do you associate with this title?  Rubbish strewn all over the dark carpet. You got it! Dress entirely in black and stick on candy and ice cream wrappers, soft drink cartons, etc.  Just hope that no-one steps on you!!

Dress Like a Tourist
This can be done very easily either for a couple or an individual. All you need is to dig out your most garish t-shirts, hang your camera around your neck, and wear your sunglasses and your straw hats. If you want to go the distance, you can apply a fake tan.

And Remember
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Call (818) 793-0707 and have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!