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Do You Have Questions About car title loans in glendale?

Q: Wait what is a car title loan?
Many refer to it as an auto title loan, it is where we (the lienholder) give you cash against the worth of your car. We will provide cash relief for everyday life.

Q: So, I have very, very bad credit, should I even bother applying?
Yes you should! With car title loans in glendale, ca. we do not do a credit score check. We will not ask you embarrassing questions about your employment history. All we want to know is how large of a loan you want.

Q: Do I need to give you my car to get a car title loan?
No! We are not a bank or pawn shop. We want you to use your car while you pay back the loan. All we become is a lien holder on you vehicle, but you are still the owner.

Q: How large of a loan can I get?
Everything starts with the value of your car. We don’t eyeball its value, we base it on the Kelly Blue Book. That value we use as a lien, and give you the same amount in cash. In Glendale, CA our loans range from $2,600 to $20,000.

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