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Five Easy Steps Towards Debt Repayment

Everything’s Possible if You Plan it Carefully

We all know that debt is easy to slide into – like a deep well – but a good deal harder to climb out of. Yet in fact if we just program ourselves to take some careful and deliberate steps, debt can be conquered. It may not be roses all the way but it’s far far better than letting things slide.

Step One: Consolidate your borrowing

Credit Cards

Credit Cards

Having loads of different credit cards and repayments makes life complicated and increases the temptation to carry on spending. Shop around for the best deal that you can get and of course remember that car title loans are perfect for this purpose and easy to obtain.

Step Two:  Know where you stand

It goes without saying that to improve matters, you must first know exactly how bad things really are! Force yourself to go through all your credit cards and other borrowings and almost down to the last cent find out exactly what’s what.  It may not be pleasant reading but it’s absolutely essential.

Step Three:  Something’s gotta give!!!

You know what they say “no gain without pain”. If you want to clear the debt you have to spend less otherwise all the debt consolidations in the world isn’t going to help you. Go through every item you spend and think where the sacrifices could be made of non-essential items. For example try using the delivery service at your local supermarket – usually these are offered free of charge. That way you only buy the things you intended to buy and not fall prey to impulses – which are always costly!

Step Four:  Boost the income

Ok you’ve started by cutting down on non-essentials and that can help a lot on the principle of a dollar saved is a dollar earned. But look for ways to bring more in – have a garage sale or go on eBay, and take on some simple local service –  the cash soon mounts up.

Step Five:  Check on progress

Never let things slip – keep on top of all outgoings – you’ll get there!