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Saving Tips: Cut Expenses This Summer

Have Fun Without Draining the Funds

In the sixties there was a song “Roll Out the Lazy Crazy Hazy Days of Summer” and lovely summer days are always great to look forward to and should make for great memories! But you don’t want to leave a terrible aftertaste of debt and overspending. Here’s some suggestions for keeping your summer sweet!

Tip 1: Don’t sniff at freebies

Special OfferEven in today’s money conscious age, there are still fun things you can do for free. Take a walk in the countryside or through a park. Check online for special festivals and events. Check out the free admission days at museums and art galleries.

Tip 2: Try a Spending Diet
No one can cut out spending completely but by a little self-discipline you’ll soon find that every little helps. Imagine if you could save just ten dollars a day – that would come to $300 a month or $3600 a year. Is it that difficult? Not necessarily – suppose you set yourself a month when you just bought the essentials and cut out all impulse buying, eating out, extra pairs of shoes, etc. Do that for a month or even two and you could then find you had some spends for the summer out of your back pocket!

Tip 3: Leave the car at home


Leave Your Car at Home

When you don’t need the car, leave it behind. Walk. Cycle. Use public transport. Or if you are planning trips where driving is essential, try teaming up with another family in a holiday car pool. Pack a picnic instead of going for a pizza or a burger so you could end up with a really fun day that cost very little indeed.

Tip 4: Have a summer sale
A good day rummaging around would produce loads of stuff that you no longer need but others would! The money from that sale could give you a very happy holiday.