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What are Collateral Loans in Glendale?

Make Your Car Work for Your Bottom Line

First question must be what is a  collateral loan?  The simple answer is that it is a loan secured by an asset that you own. Because it is a secured loan,that means that you promise to hand the asset over to the lender if you cannot repay the loan as agreed. With a collateral loan, there is less risk for the lender and that means that loans are easier to obtain. car title loans in glendale in Glendale are very much into collateral loans. What we do is look at the unexpired equity on a privately owned motor vehicle which provides us with all the collateral that we require to offer loans.

Collateral LoansThe beauty of collateral loans on vehicles is that they are open to almost anyone around – it doesn’t matter where you live or who you are, if you are the owner of a motor vehicle and if you have the documents to prove it, you can get pre-qualified quickly! How does the collateral come to happen? Well the answer is that we use the unexpired equity from your car and that gives us all the security as collateral loan lenders that we could possibly require. The problem that so many people encounter when needing to borrow money is that the powers that be take one look at credit ratings and just say “no thank you sir!” When we consider our collateral loans on vehicles we don’t bother about that – no credit checks at all.

  • car title loans in glendale – lets your car take the strain
  • Fast, flexible and highly confidential
  • No credit checks or awkward questions

Collateral Loans on Vehicles

Take a moment and think of how much some extra capital, capital which would require no credit checks, just think what a difference that could make to your life. The scope of our collateral loans on vehicles is really enormous as it starts as low as $2600 and goes right up to $20,000 which is an enormous scope and gives you so many opportunities. First of all you can have a moment to really sort out your finances once and for all because you’ll have a nice big sum of money to deal with your money issues. Obviously a loan is a loan and not a gift and you absolutely have to make allowance for repayment but any sensible person when considering an application for one of our collateral loans on car title will not find it too hard to find fripperies and trivialities which they can easily take out of their budget.

Why do people find collateral loans such an attractive proposition? One of the reasons must be the speed with which we can get money out to our customers. It’s so much easier than  the alternative of sitting by the side of a bank clerk while he types figures into his computer and comes out with the answer “no”.

Loans for Small Business Owners

Collateral loans on car title are generally thought of as a personal thing, used to sort out domestic issues. But many small business owners whose traditional problem has been cash flow and getting hold of seed corn working capital are seizing on collateral loans on vehicles as an ideal solution to their problems. The advantages of our loans with no credit checks are obvious – within a short period of time a company can have access to the capital that will allow them to buy in stock, to take advantage of seasonal prices, to purchase essential equipment and to do some much needed marketing.

Simple Application Process & the Cash in Yours

A few questions about the make and model, as well as the condition, of your car and then you’ll be driving down to our offices to hand over your car ownership documents and receive the money. What’s more you won’t only drive down – you’ll drive back as well – you keep the car while you repay the loan.