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Changing your Lifestyle to Reduce your Stress & your Outgoings

Think Outside the Box When Planning for 2016

Are you one of the lucky ones who has worked hard for the past twelve months and has won approval from your bosses or managers – or if you are self-employed, has seen some real profit arise out of your business? If so congratulations all round. I expect if you are an employee you will be in for a nice rise, maybe even a promotion. If it’s your business who wouldn’t want to take a little bit (or even a lot) out of it?  After all, just like the advert says “why not go for that extra luxury – you deserve it”.

walkingWhat you really deserve is peace of mind and contentment and if you can “budget” for that in the year ahead you will have done very well indeed. So perhaps you can now afford to leave work a little earlier at least once a week and spend time with your children. You can’t put a price on that! And as we all know children grow older in the twinkling of an eye!

Improving your Body & Mind

Make this the year when you improve your body and your mind. A walk round the block at the lunch hour and a quiet stroll around your neighborhood park of an evening can do wonders – and the work decisions that you then make will be calmer and better informed.  Start the year with a book list and try and take the book with you. You will be amazed how many titles you can tick off come December – much better for you than checking your phone every minute!

As for strictly financial planning for the New Year? If you do have extra money, use it wisely. First and foremost try and make this the year when you do make ends meet. Rid yourself of the credit cards – if necessary use one of our auto title loans to pay them off so you can concentrate on just having one payment to make each month. Remember that with auto title loans, you can bring capital into your account quickly.