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About car title loans in Glendale

Lending up to $20,000 without a credit check

We all live busy lives. Many things can fall through the cracks and come back to bite us. For those instances, a burst of emergency cash can really make the difference. One of the ways to get it is by applying for a car title loan in Glendale. We offer auto title loans of $2,600 to $20K, and the loan application process involves no credit check. That’s right, you can apply for a loan even with a bad credit score.

Our loans team will gladly assist you with application process. Just fill in the online form with you car details, and by getting the numbers from Kelly Blue Book we can evaluate the loan amount. That’s because the unexpired equity of your car title serves as a collateral. Another option to contact us and apply is to pick up the phone and call (818) 793-0707.

Another great thing about car title loans is that you keep driving your while throughout the loan period. Unlike other pawn shops, where you need to deposit the item you’re using as collateral, we become the lien holders of your car title, but you get to keep driving until the payments are made in full. Then the car title returns to you.

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